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Hi.  I'm Tom. This is my website, at least for now. I'm using this site to chronicle the development of the book I'm working on: For Love of God and Beer: Adventures in Faith of a Schizophrenic Believer.

I've pitched it to a few publishers but so far haven't had any luck with that, so I'm guessing that I'll probably end up publishing it myself. It's been suggested to me that I'd have an easier time finding a publisher if I took out the cussing and the other stuff which apparently makes Christians uncomfortable. Problem is, if I tone it down, it won't be true. It won't really be my story. It would be the story of some other guy, some fictional me who has his act together and doesn't cuss and never offends anyone. Which certainly isn't the real me. So, instead of watering it down, I thought I'd float some stuff out there and see what people think of it. Maybe, if enough people indicate an interest in reading something like this, I might be able to show a publisher that perhaps there's a market for a book like this after all. Of course, for every person who may like it, I'm sure there will be many more who hate it or are offended by it or think it's sacrilegious or just plain boring. And if that's how you feel about it after reading a little, I'll understand.

If you've got it in you, I'm hoping you'll
read the Prologue and then take the God and Beer Survey. After you do that, check back in from time to time as I post different sample chapters of the book and add more content to this site. 

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